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5 Reasons To Check The Cellar Before You Rent A Property

5 Reasons To Check The Cellar Before You Rent A Property
The cellar is probably not the first thing you think about when you’re looking for somewhere to rent. But while it may be the “ugly duckling” of the house, it can reveal a lot about the way a property is cared for. As long as it’s safe for you do so, here’s why you should always take a look at the cellar when viewing a rental property:

1.    Check their standards: The state of the cellar in a property gives you an instant snapshot of the letting agent’s standard of cleanliness. Of course they will present the main parts of the property in the best light, but what about the other areas? The cellar is a hidden zone that will show up whether your letting agent or landlord takes cleanliness seriously. Is the cellar clear of clutter or is it packed full of old and broken furniture?
2.    Health and safety: The state of a cellar also gives you a good insight into whether your potential letting agent really takes their tenants’ health and safety seriously. If the cellar is damp and mouldy, this could spread to the rest of the property. If it’s full of rubbish, it could even attract vermin!
3.    A statement of intent: By asking to see the cellar when you go on a property viewing, you’re showing that you’re serious about finding a high quality place to rent and that you won’t be taken advantage of!
4.    Know what’s in store: Another important point is that if you do move into the property, you may need to go into the cellar to deal with a power cut because many distribution boards (what used to be called fuse boxes) are based in cellars. Wouldn’t you want to know if it’s safe for you to do so before you move in?
5.    Extra space: Finally, if you do find a property with a great cellar, there may (with agreement from your landlords or letting agent, of course) be the potential benefit from the extra space! Some of our tenants have got excited about safely using a cellar area for gaming or just for a spot of revision when they need a change of scene…

The cellar also matters for landlords
The cellar is important for landlords too! Pile it up with boxes and unwanted furniture and you risk being taken to court for causing injury to your tenants. Plus, regular checks on your cellar will help you to ensure that your contractors aren’t using this hidden space as a dumping ground! Finally, here’s an important tip from our many years of experience in letting: if you have a downstairs bedroom based above the cellar, do ensure that the floor is insulated. This will make for a warmer room and happier tenants!

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