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3 Tips For Biking Happiness When You’re Renting

3 Tips For Biking Happiness When You’re Renting
Anyone who loves cycling will know how great it is. Not only do you get lots of exercise, but you also save money on travelling to and from work or university! Provided that you cycle safely and wear a helmet, a bike is a real asset. However, finding a bike-friendly place to live can be another matter! Fortunately, solving this problem is something we know a great deal about at Blue i Properties.

While it may be tempting to keep your beloved bike indoors, there are lots of reasons why this isn’t a good idea. Not only can your bike get in other people’s way, but it can cause damage to the property and could even prove to be a fire hazard! But don’t worry, there are ways to keep your bike safe outdoors:

1.    Hoop it
If you’ve never rented or lived in a terraced house before, you might be surprised to learn that your immediate neighbours may well have a legal right to use the passageway between your homes! This of course creates an added security risk for your bike. A good landlord or letting agent should be open to you requesting the installation of bike hoops in the yard or garden. These are affordable and easily bolted to the ground. At Blue i, we’re happy to help our tenants with this.

2.    Invest in a hood
Another great way to protect your bike is to invest in a bike hood or canopy. You could share the price of these with your fellow tenant-cyclists. They are very easy to install and ideal for protecting your bike in all weathers.

3.    Go for practical over fancy
If you’re a serious cycling aficionado, it can be very tempting to take your favourite bike with you when you move into your rented home. But if you’re using it every day, you might want to think again and bring something that’s more on the practical side.

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